Various images of the city of Pau

Official web sites of all the local towns.

The nearest Spanish ski-station - one hour from Candeloup.

Some of the major local events.
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Most French villages and towns have their summer "fetes" during the July-September period.

July -- The "Bull Run" in Pamplona, Spain

Just over the border in Navarra, Northern Spain, Pamplona is given
over to this week of madness - beloved by Ernest Hemingway

July - Tour de France arrives. (Pau is on the TOUR route most years.)

July -- Orthez Festival

A week of merrimaking - carnivals - bullfighting -
and the chance to wear lots of red and white clothes!!

1st weekend in August- Fete de Monein - a celebration of the local peaches and Jurancon wine.

Three days of merry-making in the streets of Monein with a fun-fair in the town square
and bars and restaurants extended into the streets.

September - Oloron - Garburade

The whole town seems to spend the whole day making and eating soup - "Garbure".
Much merriment with a village fete atmosphere -
bands and traditional singing and dancing in the main park.

September - Foire de Pau

A cross between the Ideal Home Exhibition, a county show and Chelsea Flower Show.

2nd Sunday in December -- "Open doors" Jurancon grape picking festival

Click here for a list of the participating vineyards, and what events each is hosting.


Monein Tourist office.


Regular events in the neighbourhood.

Ski Pyrenees!!!

The Lindt chocolate factory in Oloron is a 20 minute drive from Candeloup.

Visit the factory shop for great chocolate at bargain prices!

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